What We Do


What We Do


Our mission at InheritEstate is simple: to assist in the process of inheriting abroad [internationally speaking] and to assist with making foreign errands simpler and more affordable for everyone. It’s at the heart of everything that the team at InheritEstate does, from the developers who build a super-secure platform to the lawyers overseas who search for birth and death certificates, real estate records as well as many other documents. So, if you have a passion for foreign errands, technology, or just helping people in general, please contact the team at InheritEstate here. Once you join the InheritEstate team, you will become part of a growing company, surrounded by the best talent, all working toward a shared goal anyone would feel good about at the end of the day.


Finally, inheritance assistance needed at an affordable cost

InheritEstate is the simple way to meet the international estate and inherit planning, document retrieval and wealth management needs of any family or business. Whether someone needs to obtain a birth record or a death certificate or has a more complex international situation requiring the advice of a foreign legal consulting attorney located abroad, InheritEstate.com can assist with its network of foreign-trained lawyers.


InheritEstate makes it affordable and simple to consult with a foreign attorney/lawyer residing internationally.

When someone has inheritance questions, InheritEstate can help find answers from a lawyer abroad in a foreign country where an inheritance is situated in terms of venue and residence. InheritEstate can also assist with a matter as simple as obtaining a foreign birth, marriage, divorce or death certificate/record. Avoid hefty retainers and get help from an attorney overseas for a reasonable and down to earth price.

Affordable fees when legal representation is required abroad

Sometimes a quick consultation isn’t simply enough. As an InheritEstate member, all users can save thousands of dollars when they need legal representation for more complex matters. Our network of foreign-trained inheritance lawyers offers important discounts to members with InheritEstate’s special pre-negotiated international rates. InheritEstate has already screened the best inheritance lawyers overseas and negotiated the lowest attorney fees abroad so that all approved users of InheritEstate can take advantage of what’s most important: Inheriting as soon as possible!

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