To begin with, our law firm offers a wide array of legal services. For example, below you can see some of the procedures we have handled for our overseas clients:


abatement / ademption of legacies, administration expenses, administrator with the will annexed, ancestor, apparent heir, appoint / constitute an executor. appraisals, attestation of witnesses, capacity, causa mortis, claimant of the estate, clause of accrue, closed testament, conveyance, co-executor, co-heir, commingle funds, commingling of property. disinheriting children, domestic / foreign / public administrator, donatio intervivos, donation, elective share of an estate, escheat. escheated property, estate planning, foreign deed location, fraudulent alienation, genealogists, general devise, hereditaments. homestead, hotchpot, implied revocation, in contemplation of death, inchoate dower, inheritance search / locator. international archives access, invalidity / extinguishment of legacies / devises. joint heir, lapsing of gifts, lineal descendant, mediation. military testament, modify, revoke, or replace a will, mutual testament. next devisee, notarize the execution. oppose the probate, repatriation of real estate


Our Comprehensive Approach

Actually, coping with the death of a loved one is a psychologically-trying time. In addition, it is burdened with a sense of uncertainty, grief, and emotional distress. Certainly it is not the right time to make any rushed decisions under these circumstances. Especially if there are pressing matters such as dealing with the general operating costs of any dwelling. For example, payment of taxes, mortgage or rent, insurance policies, unpaid debts, pending maintenance costs, etc. Moreover, you need to request the cancelation of all the regular services and utilities. Mainly, electricity, gas, water, Internet, telephone, cable TV, security system, household personnel, etc. In addition, it is necessary to clear out the deceased person’s belongings.

Ideally, all the above-mentioned tasks should be carried out with the unanimous consent of all the parties involved. However, this is not very common, since disagreements arise from the many and different emotions and interests at stake.

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