Venezuela Purchase, Sell, Lease, or Rent Real Estate, Airplanes, Vehicles, and Vessels

Venezuela Purchase, Sell, Lease, or Rent Real Estate, Airplanes, Vehicles, and Vessels

Venezuela: Purchase, Sell, Lease, or Rent Real Estate, Airplanes, Vehicles, and Vessels 

Business transactions involving different types of assets are carried out every single day all over Venezuela. They mainly refer to the purchase, sale, lease, or rent of real estate, airplanes, vehicles, and vessels. In general, both parties may reach an agreement as regards the conditions of the particular commercial operation without resorting to legal assistance. They frequently receive assistance by a realtor or a notary public in order to formalize said business activities. However, these commercial acts abide by their own and specific set of regulations, formalities, and requirements, which may slightly change according to the applicable jurisdiction. Therefore, seeking expert advice would greatly benefit you before entering into any kind of contracts.


We are much more than just an international law firm… we are a multidisciplinary team of experts and specialists from different fields that work together in order to offer a comprehensive and customized solution adapted to your special situation and needs.

Venezuela: Purchase, Sell, Lease, or Rent Real Estate, Airplanes, Vehicles, and Vessels 

Venezuela: Purchase, Sell, Lease, or Rent Real Estate, Airplanes, Vehicles, and Vessels

In the case of real estate, several documents are necessary for the above-mentioned operations: title deeds, permits, authorizations, land insurance policies, official property records, tax-related documentation, etc. For this reason, we are assisted by in-house and external professionals, which include: business agents, certified tax accountants, auditors, document facilitators, courier service, expat tax services, database analysts, paralegals, researchers, appraisers, former IRS agents, buyer/seller locators, home inspectors, investment planners, realtors, property insurance experts, marketing agents, real estate translators, and notaries public, among others.

Venezuela: Purchase, Sell, Lease, or Rent Real Estate, Airplanes, Vehicles, and Vessels 

Venezuela: Purchase, Sell, Lease, or Rent Real Estate, Airplanes, Vehicles, and Vessels

Local Presence

Given the inherent quality of immovable property, being onsite is a key element to successfully perform any kind of real estate transaction in record time. For that reason, we operate throughout Venezuela:


Acarigua, Achaguas, Altagracia de Orituco, Amazonas, Anaco, Anzoátegui, Apure, Aragua, Aragua de Barcelona,

Aragua de Maturín, Araure, Araya, Arichuna, Arismendi, Bailadores, Barbacoas, Barcelona, Barinas, Barquisimeto,

Bejuma, Biruaca, Boconó, Bolívar, Bruzual, Cabimas, Cabudare, Cagua, Caicara del Orinoco, Caigua, Calabozo, Camatagua,

Cantaura, Capital District, Carabobo, Caracas (federal capital), Caripe, Caripito, Carora, Carúpano, Casanay, Catia La Mar,

Chaguaramas, Charallave, Chivacoa, Ciudad Bolívar, Ciudad Guayana, Ciudad Ojeda, Ciudad Sucre, Clarines, Cojedes, Colón,


Geographical Scope

Colonia Tovar, Coro, Cúa, Cumaná, Cúpira, Curiapo, Dabajuro, Delta Amacuro, Ejido, El Amparo, El Callao, El Chaparro,

El Consejo, El Dorado, El Limón, El Pao, El Paují, El Socorro, El Tigre, El Tocuyo, El Vigía, Elorza, Falcón, Guacara, Guachara,

Guama, Guanare, Guanta, Guarenas, Guárico, Guasdualito, Guasipati, Guatire, Guayabal, Güigüe, Higuerote, Iboriwo,

Isla Ratón, Juan Griego, Kavanayén, La Asunción, La Esmeralda, La Fría, La Grita, La Guaira, La Quebrada, La Victoria,

La Villa del Rosario, Lara, Lechería, Los Guayos, Los Roques, Los Teques, Machiques, Maiquetia, Mamporal, Mantecal, Mapire,

Maracaibo, Maracay, Mariara, Marigüitar, Maripa, Maroa, Maturín, Mérida, Miranda, Michelena, Miranda, Monagas, Monte Carmelo,


Extensive Network of Local Attorneys

Morón, Mucuchíes, Naguanagua, Nirgua, Nueva Esparta, Ocumare de la Costa, Ocumare del Tuy, Onoto, Ortiz, Ospino, Palmira,

Palo Negro, Pampatar, Paraitepuy de Roraima, Pariguán, Pedernales, Petare, Porlamar, Portuguesa, Pregonero,

Puerto Ayacucho, Puerto Cabello, Puerto La Cruz, Puerto Páez, Puerto Píritu, Punta de Mata, Punto Fijo, Queniquea, Quíbor,

Río Caribe, Río Chico, Rubio, Sabaneta, San Antonio de Los Altos, San Antonio del Táchira, San Carlos, San Carlos de Río Negro,


San Sebastián, San Tomé, Sanare, Santa Ana, Santa Ana del Táchira, Santa Cruz, Santa Elena de Uairén, Santa Lucía, Santa Rita,

Santa Teresa del Tuy, Sarare, Sinamaica, Soledad, Sucre, Táchira, Táriba, Tinaco, Tinaquillo, Tocuyito, Trujillo, Tucacas,

Tucupita, Turmero, Upata, Urica, Urumaco, Valencia, Valera, Valle de Guanape, Valle de la Pascua, Vargas, Vidoño,

Wönken, Yaracuy, Yaritagua, Zaraza, Zuata, Zulia


Financing Options

Another very important aspect –which other law firms usually do not take into account- is financing. We can help you analyze the most convenient financing options (as well as the interest rates involved) currently available in the market.


We offer an outstanding service that includes an action plan that is reflected in regular reports, which outline the progress achieved so far, as well as any necessary adjustments. For instance, when selling real estate, a buyer may submit a counteroffer, which is an alternative response to an offer received, which usually consists of terms different from those of the offer rejected.


Applicable Requirements

Aircraft is another very specific field of our practice, which requires the expertise from another set of professionals. Namely, appraisers, former pilots, aviation mechanics, and consulting experts. Moreover, aircraft operators, technical translators, pilot licensing officer, etc. In addition to the requirements applicable to any commercial transaction, there are some other items that should also be taken into account, for example: aircraft registration at the Instituto Nacional de Aeronáutica Civil (INAC) [National Institute of Civil Aviation], a valid registered operator license, an aircraft insurance policy, the transfer of ownership, etc.


In turn, vessels are very popular in Venezuela since it is bathed by the Caribbean Sea. The Instituto Nacional de los Espacios Acuáticos (INEA) [National Institute of Water Spaces] is the government agency in charge of registering any kind of private vessel, as well as issuing all the official documentation. Actually, there is a wide array of formalities and technicalities applicable to this type of assets.

Our Own Team of Specialists

Among these specialists on motor vehicles, there are certified vehicle appraisers, auditors, and former DMV workers. In addition, vehicle inspectors, buyer/seller locators, and authorized mechanics. But also, investment planners, and vehicle insurance agents. Nonetheless, car dealers, and marketing agents, among others.

We can first check if the automobile is duly registered at the local Motor Vehicle Office. We can also verify that the following documentation is valid for the specific business transactions. For instance, a certificate of title, a valid driving license, an emissions test, and an odometer reading. Additionally, a vehicle insurance policy, and a vehicle identification number as well.

As you can see, we offer an overall and very thorough approach, leaving nothing to chance. Indeed, this clearly shows our deep commitment to the satisfaction of our clients.

In conclusion, feel free to contact us at any time if you require any further information. We are available 24 hours a day, all year long.

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