Successions in Spain: Reliable Legal Assistance by Attorneys Duly Licensed in Spain

Successions in Spain: Reliable Legal Assistance by Attorneys Duly Licensed in Spain

Successions in Spain: Reliable Legal Assistance by Attorneys Duly Licensed in Spain


In general, there are endless misconceptions regarding successions. For instance, never-ending legal procedures, almost impossible to meet requirements, the hopeless search for documentation and the potential negative outcomes. Especially if you inherit assets or property in a foreign country and do not speak the language. Unfortunately, successions in Spain are not the exception. Mainly because some autonomous communities abide by their own legal system. In addition, the applicable succession law varies depending on the decedent’s place of residence or the location of the property. Thus, as regards succession in Spain, it is important to obtain reliable legal assistance by attorneys duly licensed in the country.

Successions in Spain

Successions in Spain

Our Innovative Approach

Indeed, after more than two decades of successful practice handling successions in Spain, our law firm is certainly your best option. First, because our team of professionals includes attorneys duly licensed to act before the courts of every autonomous community! Second, because we comply with the highest standards of quality and confidentiality, key features in such a sensitive matter as a succession. Last, our cost-effective solutions do include prompt availability, personal attention, and proficient performance. Actually, we are so confident about our service that we offer a free consultation to our potential clients. Thus, we can have the chance to explain our innovative approach towards successions in Spain.


To begin with, we offer a clear overview of what a succession process involves in order to know what lies ahead. In addition, we fully describe the types of succession in force in Spain, as well as some key concepts. For example, legitimate share, intestate succession, testate succession, last will and testament, deceased, beneficiary, legacy, bequests, and laughing heirs. In addition to handling successions in Spain, we are capable of performing a wide range of legal services:

Our Legal Services

universal successor, widow / widower, will contest, for a contribution, grant rights and obligations, in proportion to their means, interest of the child, cohabit, major age, major age and emancipated, married parents, original filiation, presumption of paternity, proof of filiation, enter filiation, relationship established by adoption decree, relationship established by blood, relationship established by law, remain under parental authority, rights and duties with respect to custody, rights and duties with respect to supervision, rights to inherit, summary investigation, surname inviting ridicule, transmission of information, uninterrupted possession of status, voluntary acknowledgment, voluntary recognition

Successions in Spain

Successions in Spain

More Legal Services

filiation, filiation of the adopted child, filiation set aside by the court, foreign deed location, fraudulent alienation, genealogists, general devise, hereditaments, homestead, hotchpot, implied revocation, in contemplation of death, inchoate dower, inheritance search / locator, international archives access, invalidity / extinguishment of legacies / devises, joint heir, lapsing of gifts, lineal descendant, mediation, military testament, modify, revoke, or replace a will, mutual testament, next devisee, notarize the execution, oppose the probate, payment of claims, presumptive heir, pretermitted heir, probate proceedings, real estate litigation, register of wills, repatriation of real estate, secret testament, spouse’s right to wave their share, subscribing witnesses, succession, successor in interest, tax return, testamentary guardian, transfer of ownership, unborn beneficiaries, unclaimed bank accounts

Vast Network of Local Attorneys

In conclusion, our law firm has the qualified human resources to represent clients for successions in Spain. Indeed, our vast network of local attorneys provide legal assistance in the following jurisdictions in Spain:


Algarinejo, Algarra, Algarrobo, Algatocín, Algeciras, Algemesí, Algerri, Algete, Algimia de Alfara, Algimia de Almonacid, Alginet,

Algodonales, Algodre, Algora, Algorfa, Alguaire, Alguazas, Algueña, Alhabia, Alhama de Almería, Alhama de Aragón, Alhama de Granada,

Alhama de Murcia, Alhaurín de la Torre, Alhaurín el Grande, Alhendín, Alía, Aliaga, Aliaguilla, Alicante, Alicún, Alicún de Ortega,

Alija del Infantado, Alins, Alió, Alique, Aliseda, Aliud, Aljaraque, Aljucén, Alkiza, Allande, Allariz, Allepuz, Aller, Allín, Allo, Alloza,

Successions in Spain: Reliable Legal Assistance by Attorneys Duly Licensed in Spain

Allueva, Almacelles, Almáchar, Almadén, Almadén de la Plata, Almadenejos, Almadrones, Almagro, Almajano, Almaluez, Almansa,

Almanza, Almaraz, Almaraz de Duero, Almargen, Almarza, Almarza de Cameros, Almàssera, Almatret, Almazán, Almazul, Almedíjar,

Almedina, Almedinilla, Almegíjar, Almeida de Sayago, Almenar, Almenar de Soria, Almenara, Almenara de Adaja,

Almenara de Tormes, Almendra, Almendral, Almendral de la Cañada, Almendralejo, Almendros, Almensilla, Almería, Almiserà,

Almochuel, Almócita, Almodóvar del Campo, Almodóvar del Pinar, Almodóvar del Río, Almogía, Almoguera, Almohaja, Almoharín,

Almoines, Almonacid de la Cuba, Almonacid de la Sierra, Almonacid de Toledo, Almonacid de Zorita, Almonacid del Marquesado,

Almonaster la Real, Almonte, Almoradí, Almorox, Almoster, Almudaina, Almudévar, Almunia de San Juan, Almuniente,

Almuñécar, Almuradiel, Almussafes, Alobras, Alocén, Alonsotegi, Álora, Alòs de Balaguer, Alosno, Alovera, Alozaina, Alp, Alpandeire,

Alpanseque, Alpartir, Alpedrete, Alpens, Alpeñés, Alpera, Alpicat, Alpuente, Alpujarra de la Sierra, Alquerías del Niño Perdido,


inheritestate disclaimer

inheritestate disclaimer

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