To begin with, a Foreign or International Lawyer and a Registered Foreign Legal Consultant [aka RFLC] are not the same licenses. A Foreign or International Lawyer is a licensed attorney in a jurisdiction different from where something needs to be resolved. This foreign lawyer usually assists a client or a local lawyer because distance, language or knowledge of foreign laws and procedures make it necessary to include this foreign or international attorney.

A Registered Foreign Legal Consultant [aka: RFLC] is a foreign-trained lawyer who is licensed in two jurisdictions -the country where they studied law and became a licensed attorney, and a second country where they also became licensed but only to practice the law of the first country where they already were licensed to be lawyers [i.e.: An Argentine lawyer who is an RFLC can only offer Argentine legal advice in California, USA because that attorney applied to become an RFLC only in that given  U.S. State. In this case, the State Bar of California will entitle this Argentine RFLC to provide advice in California only in terms of Argentina law and not California law nor any other jurisdiction].

InheritEstate is a worldwide network of both types of attorneys: foreign lawyers and RFLC’s. Whenever a client meets either of these licensed professionals, InheritEstate will clarify what this lawyer can and cannot do. InheritEstate can provide the services of each of these professionals as long as they are available. This is simply because the qualified and licensed RFLC’s are limited and in some countries, states, and provinces all across the Americas, and in some cases, there may not be even one licensed professional [i.e., today, there is not even one RFLC in California for Uruguay momentarily].


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