Probate Process in Venezuela – Estate, Inheritance, and Successions

Probate Process in Venezuela – Estate, Inheritance, and Successions

Probate Process in Venezuela

Estate, Inheritance, and Successions 


In general, inheriting may turn out to be a stressful situation anywhere in the world due to several factors. Nevertheless, it does not need to be like that if you seek professional guidance. Our law firm has over two decades of experience in inheritance and succession. In fact, we specialize in the probate process in Venezuela. By devoting our personal attention and professional background, we are able to comply with the required formalities in record time. First and foremost, the purpose of a probate process is to establish the validity of a will. Moreover, this specific legal process is done before a competent judicial authority. This is known as probate court. Nonetheless, probate courts in Venezuela also rule over the administration of estates.

Venezuela Probate

Venezuela Probate

Within a probate process in Venezuela, the last will and testament of a deceased person should obtain official recognition. Then, it is time to register it in order to proceed with the succession. Hence, it is quite important to gather all the corresponding documentation to speed up the process.


In addition, there are other legal instances in relation to a probate process in Venezuela. For instance, inheritance, succession, and estate. Our law firm has successfully assisted local and foreign clients in a probate process in Venezuela. Most importantly, we are the only law firm that has a dedicated area of the probate process in Venezuela. Having the qualified human assets and the necessary technological resources enables us to provide a service of excellence. Among the wide range of legal services we offer, we can mention the following:

Our Legal Services

general devise, hereditaments, homestead, hotchpot, implied revocation, in contemplation of death, inchoate dower, inheritance search / locator, international archives access,

invalidity / extinguishment of legacies / devises, joint heir, lapsing of gifts, lineal descendant, mediation, military testament, modify, revoke, or replace a will, mutual testament, next devisee,

notarize the execution, oppose the probate, payment of claims, presumptive heir, pretermitted heir, probate proceedings, real estate litigation, register of wills, repatriation of real estate,

secret testament, spouse’s right to wave their share, subscribing witnesses, succession, successor in interest, tax return, testamentary guardian, transfer of ownership, unborn beneficiaries,

unclaimed bank accounts, universal successor, widow / widower, will contest, abatement / ademption of legacies, administration expenses, administrator with the will annexed, ancestor,

apparent heir, appoint / constitute an executor, appraisals, attestation of witnesses, capacity, causa mortis, claimant of the estate, clause of accrue, closed testament, co-executor,

co-heir, commingle funds, commingling of property, commorients, construction proceeding, contingent devise, database analysis, death taxes, devisee, devisor, die intestate, disinherit,

disinheriting children, domestic / foreign / public administrator, donatio intervivos, donation, elective share of an estate,

escheat, escheated property, estate planning, foreign deed location, fraudulent alienation

Venezuela Probate

Venezuela Probate

Extensive Network of Local Attorneys

Our law practice does offer an innovative cost-effective solution for probate process in Venezuela. This is mostly due to our extensive network of local attorneys. Our legal consultants hold impeccable credentials and the corresponding professional license to act before court of law in Venezuela. Below we list all the provinces, cities, and towns where we provide legal services regarding a probate process in Venezuela:

Higuerote, Iboriwo, Isla Ratón, Juan Griego, Kavanayén, La Asunción, La Esmeralda, La Fría, La Grita, La Guaira, La Quebrada, La Victoria, La Villa del Rosario, Lara, Lechería, Los Guayos,

Los Roques, Los Teques, Machiques, Maiquetia, Mamporal, Mantecal, Mapire, Maracaibo, Maracay, Mariara, Marigüitar, Maripa, Maroa, Maturín, Mérida, Miranda, Michelena, Miranda,


Geographical Scope of Legal Assistance

Monagas, Monte Carmelo, Morón, Mucuchíes, Naguanagua, Nirgua, Nueva Esparta, Ocumare de la Costa, Ocumare del Tuy, Onoto, Ortiz, Ospino, Palmira, Palo Negro, Pampatar,

Paraitepuy de Roraima, Pariguán, Pedernales, Petare, Porlamar, Portuguesa, Pregonero, Puerto Ayacucho, Puerto Cabello, Puerto La Cruz, Puerto Páez, Puerto Píritu, Punta de Mata, Punto Fijo,

Queniquea, Quíbor, Río Caribe, Río Chico, Rubio, Sabaneta, San Antonio de Los Altos, San Antonio del Táchira, San Carlos, San Carlos de Río Negro, San Carlos del Zulia, San Casimiro,

Local Presence

San Cristóbal, San Diego, San Felipe, San Fernando de Apure, San Fernando de Atabapo, San Francisco de Yare, San Francisco de Yuruaní, San Joaquín, San José de Barlovento,

Tinaquillo, Tocuyito, Trujillo, Tucacas, Tucupita, Turmero, Upata, Urica, Urumaco, Valencia, Valera, Valle de Guanape, Valle de la Pascua, Vargas, Vidoño, Wönken, Yaracuy, Yaritagua, Zaraza,

San José de Guanipa, San Juan de Los Morros, San Juan de Manapiare, San Juan de Payara, San Mateo, San Miguel, San Rafael de Kamoirán, San Rafael del Moján, San Sebastián,

Customized Attention

Zuata, Zulia, Acarigua, Achaguas, Altagracia de Orituco, Amazonas, Anaco, Anzoátegui, Apure, Aragua, Aragua de Barcelona,

San Tomé, Sanare, Santa Ana, Santa Ana del Táchira, Santa Cruz, Santa Elena de Uairén, Santa Lucía, Santa Rita, Santa Teresa del Tuy, Sarare, Sinamaica, Soledad, Sucre, Táchira, Táriba, Tinaco,

Aragua de Maturín, Araure, Araya, Arichuna, Arismendi, Bailadores, Barbacoas, Barcelona, Barinas, Barquisimeto, Bejuma, Biruaca, Boconó, Bolívar, Bruzual, Cabimas, Cabudare,


Reliability and Availability

Cagua, Caicara del Orinoco, Caigua, Calabozo, Camatagua, Cantaura, Capital District, Carabobo, Caracas (federal capital), Caripe, Caripito, Carora, Carúpano, Casanay, Catia La Mar,

Chaguaramas, Charallave, Chivacoa, Ciudad Bolívar, Ciudad Guayana, Ciudad Ojeda, Ciudad Sucre, Clarines, Cojedes, Colón, Colonia Tovar, Coro, Cúa, Cumaná, Cúpira, Curiapo,

Dabajuro, Delta Amacuro, Ejido, El Amparo, El Callao, El Chaparro, El Consejo, El Dorado, El Limón, El Pao, El Paují, El Socorro, El Tigre, El Tocuyo, El Vigía, Elorza, Falcón, Guacara,

Guachara, Guama, Guanare, Guanta, Guarenas, Guárico, Guasdualito, Guasipati, Guatire, Guayabal, Güigüe


Our Team of Supporting Experts

Since a probate process in Venezuela can be very intricate and complex, we rely on our remarkable team of experts. In general, they include document facilitators, database analysts, notaries public, paralegals, researchers, appraisers, and financial agents. Depending on the type and magnitude of the estate, they may include certified tax accountants, auditors, and family mediators. Other cases require the collaboration of buyer/seller locators, and investment planners. Also, insurance agents, multilingual translators, expat service agents, and customs agents, etc.


To sum up, we would like to highlight the importance of a probate process in Venezuela. In fact, it is possible to trace the historical origin of last wills and testaments to Ancient Athens. Ever since then, the wills are subject to a probate process before a competent judge. In order to prevent the issuance of a fake will, a Notary Public should certify it. In general, a probate court oversees the compliance of these formalities. Also, it is in charge of the rightful distribution of the assets among the heirs.

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inheritestate disclaimer

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