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Press Room

Press Room

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Above all, our CEO is the legal author of several articles and legal papers. For instance, “Inheritances in Argentina: Argentinian and International Overseas Probate-Estates,” “Successions involving Heirs living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Abroad, ” “Intestacy in Argentina, “Inheriting Argentinian Assets and Real Property through Trusts, Wills and Testaments Overseas, ” “Estate Planning for Argentine Heirs,” “Selling Real Estate in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, San Juan and Mendoza in Argentina,” and “Argentinian Inheritances.” In addition, he has approached other subjects as well, such as “Inheriting Crypto and Bitcoin,” and “How to Collect Funds Owed from Argentine Debtors.”


As a matter of fact, the preceding works are the result of extensive research. Actually, it is based on more than twenty years of experience practicing international law.


Moreover, as the founding member of InheritEstate, our founding member has also offered interviews for the major newspapers and specialized magazines in Argentina.



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