Regardless of the type and scope of any legal case, it is a fact that it involves several aspects. Thus, our law firm relies on the services of other licensed professionals. For example, certified accountants, business agents, certified tax accountants, auditors, document facilitators, courier service, expat tax services, database analysts, paralegals, researchers, appraisers, former IRS agents, investment planners, life insurance experts, translators, and notaries public among others. They provide their experience and expertise in order to assist our attorneys. In addition, they keep up to date regarding essential information. For instance, national holidays and business hours of the different government offices. In addition, the minimum requirements to fill out the corresponding forms, the possibility of obtaining said forms online in advance, processing time (in order to schedule an appointment to submit the documents), cost and/or currency (if applicable), the difference between a certified or notarized document, etc.

Furthermore, working with our own team of in-house professionals has several advantages. For example, our clients are guaranteed the highest level of confidentiality these sensitive matters usually require. Also, they are readily available to handle any procedure, especially when time is of the essence. Last, these licensed professionals have been subject to a strict process of selection and they hold impeccable credentials.

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