Official Records and Certificates from Venezuela

Official Records and Certificates from Venezuela

InheritEstate specializes in the retrieval of official records and certificates from any jurisdiction in Venezuela. Our superb network of document retrievers and legal runners has more than two decades of proven success in the country. Clients from all over the world rely on our services in order to obtain personal, academic, financial, police, commercial, and consular records.

These are some of the provinces where InheritEstate operates: San Antonio del Táchira, Río Caribe, Queniquea, Paraitepuy de Roraima, Ocumare de la Costa, Iboriwo, Higuerote, Guayabal, El Tocuyo, Delta Amacuro, Caracas (federal capital), Zulia, Yaritagua, Valle de la Pascua, Upata, Trujillo, Sucre, Juan Griego, Carabobo, Bolívar, Aragua de Barcelona, Nueva Esparta, Maracay, Maracaibo, La Villa del Rosario, Kavanayén, etc.

Official Records and Certificates from Venezuela
Official Records and Certificates from Venezuela

Obtaining and submitting official documents in due time can make a significant difference in the progress of any legal proceeding. For instance, applying for dual citizenship, a scholarship, filing for overseas divorce, claiming an inheritance, etc.  

Our team at InheritEstate is ready to offer a time and cost-effective solution that will get you out of the bureaucratic maze of the legal maze of any jurisdiction in Venezuela.

Special Requirements in Venezuela

Unlike other countries in Latin America, in order to obtain a birth certificate from Venezuela, it is necessary to know the date when the birth was registered. Therefore, a birth certificate will include two different dates: the actual date of birth and the registration date. Without that information, it is quite difficult to locate a birth certificate. In cases like this, our team at InheritEstate can perform a broad search. This will guarantee the successful retrieval of said certificate.

Another very common request is the rectification of records and certificates, especially when they are outdated. By means of a power of attorney, our local team can handle this matter.

We offer a wide array of additional services at InheritEstate. For instance, notarization, apostille, legal translation, and rectification. In addition, the issuance of certified copies from any government office in Venezuela.

Inheritances in Venezuela are handled only by duly-certified attorneys, who are registered in the jurisdiction where the estate is located. Therefore, InheritEstate can guarantee a safe probate procedure for clients who reside outside Venezuela and that are unable to travel. We are available 24 hours a day, all year long, Thus, we can offer you a prompt answer when you need it the most. Choose your preferred contact method, and one of our customer representatives will immediately answer all the questions you may have.

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