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Marriage, Divorce, Birth, Death Certificates from Venezuela


InheritEstate is the number one specialist for the retrieval of official records and certificates of any nature from Venezuela. More than two decades of experience in the country support our record of success. Below we list a few examples of other records we can handle:

acknowledgement of maternity/paternity, adoption records, affidavit, apostille, background and criminal record,

baptismal certificate, birth certificate, birth entry, birth record, certificate of live birth,

certificate of residence, certified copy, certified court orders, civil marriage, child support, civil registry,

clerk’s office, consular report of birth abroad, consular report of death abroad, consular report of marriage abroad,

death certificate, death entry, death record, declaration of inheritance, divorce, driver’s license,

eligibility documentation, evidence of consanguinity, extract of birth certificate,

extract of death certificate, extract of marriage certificate, family record book, heirs, in-extensa birth certificate,

inheritance, insurance policies, legalization, legal services, religious marriage, record, marriage by proxy,

marriage certificate, Common Law marriage, marriage license, marriage verification,

negative certification of death, negative certification of marriage record, nullity of marriage,

overseas adoption, originator, passport, power of attorney, putative marriage, marriage settlement,

registrar, security agreement, spreader agreement, sworn statement, surviving spouse’s usufructuary portion,

void marriage, unabridged certificate, vital records.

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These are some of the provinces, towns, cities, and jurisdictions where we provide legal services in Venezuela:

Acarigua, Achaguas, Altagracia de Orituco, Amazonas, Anaco, Anzoátegui, Apure, Aragua, Aragua de Barcelona, Aragua de Maturín, Araure, Araya, Arichuna, Arismendi, Bailadores, Barbacoas, Barcelona, Barinas, Barquisimeto, Bejuma, Biruaca, Boconó, Bolívar, Bruzual, Cabimas, Cabudare, Cagua, Caicara del Orinoco, Caigua, Calabozo, Camatagua, Cantaura, Capital District, Carabobo.

Given the unstable and chaotic social context in Venezuela lately, clients over the world face many difficulties at the moment in obtaining official documentation in the country. Nevertheless, InheritEstate has always provided an outstanding and reliable service in order to obtain the required documentation in record time, complying with all the legal formalities.



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inheritestate disclaimer

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