InheritEstate is looking for International and Domestic Estate Planning, Probate, Successions, and Inheritance Lawyers. In addition,  we are in need of expert finders and locators for a varied array of official documents. For instance, birth, death, marriage, divorce, and separation records, certificates and deeds from all across the globe.

First of all, our goal is to provide our clients worldwide with expert advice, international representation as well as other professional related services. Thus, if you are an international inheritance attorney with a desire to assist clients worldwide and can demonstrate to have a reliable track record, please contact us immediately by email or here:

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    Indeed, this is an amazing opportunity to join a well-established team of international legal consultants. With over two decades of experience in the field of inheritance and succession, InheritEstate is already a renowned trademark. In addition, our team of attorneys is fully supported by an assorted team of experts from different areas. For example, document facilitators, multilingual translators, logistics experts, and government consultants. Also, there are certified accountants, database analysts, notaries public, paralegals, researchers, and former court employees among others.

    In addition to human assets, InheritEstate works with the latest technological resources available in the market.