Inheritances as a Service

Inheritances as a Service

Inheritances as a Service

InheritEstate proudly presents a groundbreaking and revolutionary legal service… Inheritances as a Service. Undeniably, inheritance and succession are among the most complex legal practices. This has been a known fact throughout time, and even regardless of the geographical location, the applicable legal framework, or the magnitude of the estate. The multifaceted features of this specific legal field are quite evident. First of all, because the intrinsically transversal approach of inheritances covers every single aspect of a person’s life. For example, inheritances often involve general facts such as nationality, marital status, kinship, state of mind, profession, medical conditions, as well as academic, financial, tax, and criminal background

In addition, inheritances have a significant impact on the emotional aspects of all the involved parties. From the overwhelming grieving due to the loss of a loved one, up to the turmoil of petty feelings among disputing heirs, neglected beneficiaries, or disappointed family members left out from a will. It may also involve shocking disbelief after learning the tax implications on inheritances. In some cases, there is an “inheritance” of only due debts and liabilities. Perhaps, there may be hidden assets that are practically impossible to claim due to legal and financial contrivances in tax havens.

Furthermore, another level of complexity arises when either the decedent, the beneficiaries, or part of the estate are located in a foreign country. Not only is a complication if you do not speak the local language, but it is also extremely difficult to surf over the applicable legal framework and the specific court system.

Inheritances as a Service

Notwithstanding the preceding reasoning, clients very often feel disappointed with the outcome. Their main complaints include the excessive amount of time inheritances of any kind usually take, the endless request of documentation (which may be lost, out of date, or just impossible to obtain), and the bureaucratic and unfounded formalities of this procedure. The consequent toll of exhausting frustration leads them to blame the lack of expertise of the attorney in charge of their case. Some other times, clients are convinced that the legal system -in general- is at fault. Mainly, because the courts of law are overloaded, undertrained, or understaffed. In very specific cases, they simply blame the decedent or the other beneficiaries.

On the other hand, the attorneys who specialize in inheritance and succession know by experience that their academic qualifications and tireless professional endeavors are not sufficient to conquer in an effective and prompt manner the bureaucratic maze of governmental agencies. Therefore, inheritance attorneys feel that their clients often question their professional performance due to the lack of expected results.

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    With over two decades of experience in international law, the founding members of InheritEstate were fully aware that this is a common denominator worldwide. They also noticed that there was an appalling absence of specialized literature regarding the constant flaws of this legal practice that have perpetuated over time. As a consequence, they took the bold decision of devoting a select team of professionals and experts to carry out the most exhaustive and comprehensive research up to date regarding inheritance and succession. This multidisciplinary team included international lawyers, document facilitators, multilingual translators, logistics experts, government consultants, certified accountants, database analysts, notaries public, paralegals, researchers, and former court employees among others.

    Inheritances as a Service

    In addition to the skillful human assets, InheritEstate invested in state of the art technological resources in order to develop the most outstanding computing program known in the market. In fact, this wide-ranging and complete computing program complies with the highest and strictest standards of quality and confidentiality.

    After very challenging and strenuous research work, with countless interviews with key players, a thorough analysis of case studies, and an in-depth comparison of different legal frameworks and legislations worldwide, Inheritances as a Service has arrived as a long-awaited response by all the involved parties.

    In conclusion, Inheritances as a Service is an innovative and unrivaled legal method. It keeps up to pace with the challenges imposed by globalization as well as the constant changes in lawmaking regarding inheritance and succession.

    Give us a chance to explain in full detail the scope and the magnitude of Inheritances as a Service for your specific situation and the benefits you may expect.

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    inheritestate disclaimer

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