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Our proven record of success is based on more than two decades of uninterrupted professional practice. After effectively handling so many cases, even other law firms acknowledge our outstanding performance. In fact, our competitors resort to us to assist them in very complex cases. As a matter of fact, very often they just refer the clients to us.

Satisfied Clients Stories

In addition, below we include some comments from former clients.

“After having a bad experience with another law firm, I was very apprehensive about contracting a new attorney. Fortunately, I felt very comfortable with this firm and the attorney that took my case. Especially, because the law firm’s policy is to assign the most suitable attorney based on the specific case, not an attorney that just happens to be available at that moment. That was the first detail that showed their level of professionalism.”



“Clarity… throughout the whole process. I received a clear overview during the first consultation. My attorney explained to me what I should actually expect, with realistic goals and coherent deadlines. The reasonable fees were in accordance with the outcome. I highly recommend this law firm.”



“I always thought that it was a common rule for estate and probate cases to take forever to achieve a prompt resolution. Now I can see that this type of cases requires teamwork. At InheritEstate, they set up the best team of experts and professionals to get me through the bureaucracy and legal maze.”


More Testimonials

“I was really impressed with the level of professionalism and the service of excellence my attorney devoted to my case. In addition, it was very reassuring the way they kept me constantly informed about the progress in my case. InheritEstate truly offers a reliable and honest service together with prompt results.”



“My case was extremely complicated just to say the least. Inheriting abroad could be a real nightmare, especially since they do not speak English in the country where the estate was located. Even worse, there were major problems with the last will and some of the documentation was either missing or misplaced. Against all odds, InheritEstate was able to solve my case in record time. I have no words to show my appreciation!”





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