Within the major areas of legal practice, foreign estate planning is certainly one of the most complex and wearying of them. First of all, because it involves several aspects that are very different and specific. For example, international law, estate and probate, asset planning in multiple countries, taxes, liabilities, benefits, insurance, and financing among others.

Consequently, only a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach is the only manner to achieve positive results within a reasonable period.

Indeed, InheritEstate provides an avant-garde solution to clients all over the world. We are a network of international attorneys with a solid background in foreign estate planning. With impeccable credentials and a proven record of successful cases, our attorneys strive to keep up to date with the never-ending changes in international laws. Mainly in order to prevent potential conflicts that may usually arise within multiple places of jurisdiction and the intertwined fabric of legal areas.

Unlike other law firms, after reviewing a case in detail, our method is to assign the most suitable attorney, together with a supporting team of experts and specialists from different legal fields. Our system enables us to cover every single aspect involved in the process.

A Team of Experts and Specialists

For instance, our team of human resources includes business agents, certified tax accountants, auditors, document facilitators, and expat tax services. There are also database analysts, paralegals, researchers, appraisers, former IRS agents, investment planners, life insurance experts, translators, notaries public, etc. Our comprehensive services include advising about reporting requirements involving foreign accounts, assets, and taxes. In addition, we advise about potential benefits regarding U.S. Estate and Gift Tax for example. Moreover, our foreign estate planning even includes inbound foreign investment. We also provide assistance for planning and structuring foreign trusts and other investment vehicles.

Most importantly, we abide by the highest standards of confidentiality and security measures in order to handle such sensitive matters.

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