Bolivia Contract Lawyers for Legal and Commercial Assistance

Bolivia Contract Lawyers for Legal and Commercial Assistance

Bolivia: Contract Lawyers for Legal and Commercial Assistance 

Before signing any kind of contract in general –but especially in Bolivia-, beware the fine print, in addition to paying special attention to vital elements. For instance, content, scope, definitions, formalities, governing law, object, applicable regulations, expected penalties, potential grounds of breach, enforceability, etc. As a matter of fact, all business activities carried out in Bolivia fall within the scope of the Commercial Code in force in the country. However, it is a fact that these regulations are applied in an irregular manner. Furthermore, the National Constitution has precedence over international law and treaties.


In light of all this, you certainly would not regret investing time and money in the best legal advice available in Bolivia. Actually, with over 20 years of experience in international law, our team of highly-qualified attorneys is prepared to provide an outstanding legal service in the specific field of contracts.

Our Legal Services

In general, these are some of the procedures we have handled for our overseas clients in Bolivia:

contract for services, contract for exchange, accessory contract, adhesion contract, bilateral contract, binding contract, binding sales contract, breach of contract, commutative contract, conditional contract, conditional sales contract, consensual contract, corporate contract, executed contract, executory contract, express contract, contract for consideration, contract for no valuable consideration, contract for personal services, contract for the sale of goods, contract for the sale of land, contractual rights, work contract, formal contract, futures contract, civil and commercial arbitration, gaming contract, general contract, gratuitous contract, illegal contract, immoral contract, implied contract, impossible contract, contract in writing, insurance contract, contract in personality, indemnity contract, informal contract, innominate contract,

Contract Lawyers for Legal and Commercial Assistance in Bolivia

installment contract, joint contract, land contract, letter contract, mutual interest contract, nominate contract, contract of affreightment, contract of benevolence, contract of brokerage, contract of guaranty, contract of indemnity, contract of record, contract of sale, contract of suretyship, leasing contract, onerous contract, oral contract, outsourcing contract, parol contract, pre-contract, principal contract, procurement contract, quasi-contract, accidental agreement, real estate agreement, rental contract, real contract, reciprocal contract, requirement contract, requirement contract, simple contract, special contract, contract under seal, unenforceable contract, unilateral contract, void contract, voidable contract, wagering contract, contractual obligations, license contract, terms and conditions, anticipatory breach,

More Types of Contracts

construction contract, building contract, agency or distribution agreement, grounds of breach, intellectual property contract, employment contract, advertising contract, conditions of sale, supply contract, commission agreement, confidentiality agreement, franchise agreement, sale and purchase of businesses, binding agreement, conditional sale agreement, consolidation agreement, consumer credit agreement, executed agreement, executory agreement, express agreement, extension agreement, implied agreement, legally binding agreement, memorandum of agreement, multilateral agreement, mutual agreement, security agreement, spreader agreement, antecedent breach

In fact, our law firm holds a proven record of success in Bolivia, which is mainly due to the combination of international and local human resources. Indeed, after going through a very strict and thorough process of selection, these top-notch professionals from Bolivia provide not only their expertise but also their innate and in-depth knowledge of Bolivia’s legal system and bureaucracy.

Bolivia Contract Lawyers

Bolivia Contract Lawyers

Legal Jurisidictions in Bolivia

But we were determined to go the extra mile. Thus, we decided to establish a whole network of attorneys across Bolivia. For example, these are the provinces, cities, towns, and municipalities where we have provided legal assistance:

Culpina Municipality, Curahuara de Carangas, Curva Municipality, Daniel Saavedra, Desaguadero Municipality, Eduardo Abaroa, El Alto Municipality – La Paz, El Choro Municipality,

El Puente Municipality – Santa Cruz, El Puente Municipality – Tarija, El Torno Municipality, El Villar Municipality, Eliodoro Camacho,

Enrique Baldivieso, Entre Ríos, Entre Ríos Municipality – Cochabamba, Entre Ríos Municipality – Tarija, Escara Municipality, Escoma Municipality,

Esmeralda Municipality, Esteban Arce, Eucaliptus, Eustaquio Méndez, Exaltación Municipality, Federico Román,

Filadelfia Municipality, Florida, Fortaleza, Franz Tamayo, General José Ballivián Segurola, General José Manuel Pando,

General Juan José Pérez Municipality, General Saavedra Municipality, Germán Busch, Germán Jordán, Gran Chaco, Gualberto Villaroel,

Guanay Municipality, Guaqui Municipality, Guarayos, Guayaramerín Municipality, Gutiérrez Municipality,

Hernando Siles, Huacaraje Municipality, Huacareta Municipality, Huacaya Municipality, Huachacalla, Huanuni, Huarina Municipality,  Machacamarca Municipality,

Macharetí Municipality, Madre de Dios, Magdalena, Magdalena Municipality – Beni, Mairana Municipality, Malla Municipality, Mamoré, Manco Kapac, Manuripi,

Marbán, Mecapaca Municipality, Mejillones, Mineros Municipality, Mizque, Mizque, Mocomoco Municipality, Modesto Omiste, Mojinete Municipality, Mojocoya Municipality,

Contract Lawyers for Legal and Commercial Assistance in Bolivia

Monteagudo, Montero, Moro Moro Municipality, Morochata Municipality, Moxos, Muela Municipality, Muñecas, Nazacara de Pacajes Municipality, Nicolás Suárez,

Nor Carangas, Nor Chichas, Nor Cinti, Nor Lípez, Nor Yungas, Nueva Esperanza Municipality, Ñuflo de Chávez, Ocurí Municipality, Okinawa Municipality, Omasuyos,

Omereque Municipality, Oropeza, Oruro, Pacajes, Padcaya, Padilla, Pailón Municipality, Palca Municipality, Palos Blancos Municipality, Pampa Aullagas Municipality, Pampa Grande Municipality,

Pando, Pantaleón Dalence, Papel Pampa Municipality, Pasorapa Municipality, Patacamaya Municipality, Pazña Municipality, Pedro Domingo Murillo, Pelechuco Municipality,

Pocoata Municipality, Pocona Municipality, Pojo Municipality, Poopó, Porco Municipality, Poroma Municipality, Porongo Municipality, Portachuelo, Porvenir Municipality,

Postrer Valle Municipality, Potosí, Presto Municipality, Pucara Municipality, Pucarani, Puerto Acosta, Puerto Carabuco Municipality, Puerto Gonzales Moreno,

Puerto Pérez Municipality, Puerto Quijarro Municipality, Puerto Rico, Puerto Siles Municipality, Puerto Suárez, Puerto Villarroel Municipality, Puna, Punata, Quiabaya Municipality,

Quillacollo, Quime Municipality, Quirusillas Municipality, Rafael Bustillo, Ravelo Municipality, Reyes Municipality, Riberalta, Roboré Municipality, Rurrenabaque Municipality, Sabaya,

Sacaba, Sacabamba Municipality, Sacaca Municipality, Saipina Municipality, Sajama, Salinas de Garcí Mendoza, Salinas de Garci Mendoza Municipality, Samaipata, San Agustín,

San Andrés Municipality – Beni, San Antonio de Esmoruco Municipality, San Antonio del Lomerío Municipality, Santiago de Huata Municipality, Santiago de Machaca,

Contract Lawyers for Legal and Commercial Assistance in Bolivia

Santistevan, Santivañez Municipality, Santos Mercado Municipality, Santos Reyes, Santuario de Quillacas Municipality, Sapahaqui Municipality, Sara, Saucarí,

Sebastián Pagador, Sena Municipality, Villa Capinota, Villa Charcas Municipality, Villa Cliza, Villa de Sacaca, Villa Independencia, Villa Serrano, Villa Serrano Municipality, Villa Vaca Guzmán,

Villa Zudáñez, Villamontes Municipality, Villazón, Vinto Municipality, Vitichi Municipality, Waldo Ballivián Municipality, Warnes, Yaco Municipality, Yacuiba,

Yacuma, Yamparáez, Yanacachi Municipality, Yapacaní Municipality, Yocalla Municipality,

Yotala Municipality, Yunchará Municipality, Yunguyo del Litoral Municipality

Bolivia Contract Lawyers

Bolivia Contract Lawyers

Consequently, feel free to contact us at any time, either by phone or by filling out our web contact form. Likewise, you will find a lawyer ready to take your call and to answer all the questions you may have. For instance, we can provide you with our legal opinion as regards a contract or an agreement you may already have or that you are about to enter into. Moreover, we can walk you through it in order for you to fully understand it. Then, we can also review it, offer suggestions for suitable modifications by adapting it to better comply with your requirements. Also, we can recommend amendments in order to improve it overall.

Contract and Agreement

Even though “contract” and “agreement” are generally used as synonyms, all contracts are indeed agreements. However, contracts are the only ones that are enforceable by law. Thus, any contract requires a minimum of two parties. Actually, by definition, there are 3 types of contracts: valid contracts, voidable contracts, and void contracts. First, a valid contract is enforceable by law upon fulfilling the mandatory elements. Namely, the offer, acceptance, consideration, mutuality of obligation, competency and capacity, and a written instrument. On the other hand, a valid contract becomes void upon the rejection of one of the parties involved. And last, either party may not be able to enforce a void contract due to many reasons. In addition, it may become void afterward due to a change in the governing regulations.


To sum up, beware of misleading inexperienced and unreliable legal service providers. In fact, they usually advertise inexpensive legal fees, and they just limit themselves to offer online standard contract templates. Very often, they most likely overlook very important aspects that only apply to your specific situation.


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