Above all, InheritEstate is the first extensive network of international lawyers from every corner of the globe. Indeed, with over two decades of experience in the field of inheritances and successions, we hold a proven record of success handling some of the most complex and intricate cases. In fact, some of them are worldwide famous since they became a source of law-making precedents.

Due to the arrival of globalization and the amazing developments of technological resources, international law has had a dramatic change over the years. Thus, InheritEstate resorts to the cooperation of highly qualified attorneys from all over the world. Our international lawyers have impeccable credentials, proven experience, and they receive constant training regarding the latest changes in inheritance and succession legislation.

This practical approach has allowed us to provide effective legal solutions to our clients at a reasonable fee. In addition, we rely on the services of our own team of in-house experts and specialists. For example, they include -among others- business agents, certified tax accountants, auditors, and document facilitators. In addition, courier service, expat tax services, database analysts, financial advisors, paralegals, and researchers. Moreover, appraisers, buyer/seller locators, investment planners, realtors, property insurance experts, marketing agents, translators, and notaries public.

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